PTC Component and Supplier Management Solution

Rationalize part, material & supplier diversity

Manufacturers want to better align strategic supply chain and product development processes, but are struggling to manage their part, material and supplier information.

Listen to PTC’s Howard Heppelmann address the challenges of component and supplier management and how PTC can help.

PTC’s Component and Supplier Management provides enterprise visibility to supply chain preferences and characteristics. This enables manufacturers to:

  • Increase re-use by leveraging proliferation controls, classification, and search
  • Provide visibility into global usage of all parts, materials, substances and suppliers
  • Drive down inventory and optimize spends with part and supplier rationalization
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Reduce Product and Supply Chain Complexity

Manufacturers struggle to manage the proliferation of components, materials and suppliers. Too often, product development teams find it easier to create a new part rather than identify an existing one. Acquisitions and the need for greater product variation accelerate proliferation. Part, material, and supplier descriptors are insufficient to communicate the unified needs of key functions across the enterprise.

PTC’s Component and Supplier Management solution can help address these issues by driving engineering, sourcing, quality, manufacturing, and service toward a standard and rationalized set of preferred parts, materials and suppliers. As a result, manufacturers will:

  • Achieve immediate cost savings through the identification of duplicate parts and preferred suppliers
  • Reduce inventory costs and drive faster turns by reducing product and supply chain complexity
  • Accelerate the realization of synergies from mergers and acquisitions
  • Avoid costly post-production change orders
  • Establish proliferation controls to prevent unnecessary new part and supplier additions

Keep spare parts maintenance catalogue under control

Guangzhou Wanbao
Shortens ECN Cycle Time by 20%

Standardized parts reduced drawing rework

Sona Koyo
Greater reuse of product design data

Good product data: priceless