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Predictable Delivery - Challenges


The explosive growth of software-intensive products has significantly increased the challenges faced by global product development teams. Keeping up with the rapid rate of change in software components is now compounded by efforts to synchronize with the different pace and processes of hardware development. The inability to accurately communicate and effectively collaborate across teams results in poor decisions, costly delays and rework — making it nearly impossible to accurately predict release readiness.

Predictable Delivery - Impact


The complexities of cross-functional collaboration, augmented by a rapid pace of change and lack of teamwork, too often result in product delivery delays, the release of poor quality products, and the inability to meet your customer’s requirements — thereby opening the door to your competitors. Adding more people can’t solve this problem; it demands new levels of collaboration and control.

Beijing West Industries (BWI Group)Beijing West Industries (BWI Group) is a premier chassis supplier that designs and manufactures brake and suspension systems for the global transportation market. BWI Group improved their software development process with the ability to capture and document all configuration and change history throughout the product lifecycle. They achieved end-to-end traceability, increased their product quality, simplified their compliance reporting, and brought new products to market faster.

What’s Possible

By changing your processes to include real-time and accurate visibility into development progress and software release readiness, you achieve predictability in the delivery of your software and successfully meet your quality, cost and schedule targets. These process changes dramatically improve your ability to collaborate within your engineering teams and across the technology supply chain. Making your teams more effective helps you predictably produce higher-quality products — for greater customer satisfaction, improved brand loyalty and, ultimately, greater market share.

Process Improvement Opportunities

The most successful companies predictably deliver software on schedule by transforming one or more of these key development processes:



  • Project Management: Plan, execute, monitor and control complex development efforts and dependencies spread across globally distributed project, product and technology teams.
  • Change and Configuration Management: Evolve products in an orderly fashion, from concept through retirement.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Determine product regulatory obligations, collect and assess evidence of compliance, communicate results to internal stakeholders, and report evidence of compliance to customers and regulators.

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