Improve Business Support

Provide Systems that Enable Users to Increase Product and Service Quality and Efficiency in Their Daily Responsibilities

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Today’s complex manufacturing environment is challenged with capturing, finding and reusing information, and providing users and partners with secure access to that information across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, cloud). IT teams struggle to improve application performance, shorten the time required to upgrade technology systems and scale technology to meet evolving business needs and user expectations.

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Without the right systems, everyone is affected: lost productivity due to a manual work-around or re-do result in frustrated end users while high cost and poor quality products and services result in dissatisfied customers. Additionally, IT projects suffer from delays and budget overruns resulting in unrealized ROI on invested technology.

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The opportunity is an interoperable and robust platform to provide secure information access and responsive performance for users along a scalable, easily upgradeable system with flexible deployment capabilities for your IT staff. Improved user and enterprise productivity and satisfaction, along with on-time and on-budget projects and faster IT response times all support your ability to help create a product and service advantage for your organization.

Process Improvement Opportunities

Opportunities to improve business support exist across the landscape of product and service processes. Transformations across these key business processes commonly enable users to increase product and service quality and efficiency in their daily responsibilities:

  • Program and Portfolio Management: Drive innovation, optimize collective value, manage risk, and make trade-off decisions across a set of programs while ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.
  • Project Management: Plan, execute, monitor, and control complex development efforts and dependencies spread across globally distributed project, product, and technology teams.
  • Change and Configuration Management: Evolve products in an orderly fashion, from concept through retirement.
  • Quality and Reliability Management: Conduct systematic planning, prediction, and simulation to ensure designs meet reliability and lifecycle cost targets.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Determine product regulatory obligations, collect and assess evidence of compliance, communicate results to internal stakeholders, and report evidence of compliance to customers and regulators.
  • Environmental Performance Management: Determine product environmental performance (impact) targets, collect and assess environmental performance data, communicate results to internal stakeholders and customers.
  • Product Support Analysis and Planning: Perform early supportability analysis and feedback leveraging product design data. Continually optimize recommended service programs based on predicted reliability and historical product performance analysis.

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