Improve Productivity of Global Software Development Teams

Optimize and Build Efficiencies into the People, Processes and Artifacts Involved in the Software Development Lifecycle



As software development teams expand rapidly to keep pace with the exponential growth of software-intensive products, the challenge to enable these larger and often globally distributed teams to work together more efficiently can be daunting. The lack of collaboration and visibility frequently results in the creation of inaccurate or duplicate data, further impeding the productivity of the team. And, with teams using different tools, methods and processes while relying on disparate data sources, it’s nearly impossible to effectively reuse proven models, code and tests.



As global software development teams struggle to collaborate and communicate due to the disparate systems and processes it introduces repetitive errors, requires rework and delays in delivery schedules. Furthermore, plans for global resourcing are severely hindered by inadequate processes and the inability to share data securely.

DENSO Corporation, a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for all the world's major automakers, operates in 35 countries and regions with approximately 130,000 employees. DENSO selected PTC’s solution for its proven technical capabilities, advanced reliability in compliance with ISO 26262, and full support system. It was selected in 2011 to be implemented company-wide. PTC Integrity makes it possible to trace requirements, manage changes, and manage configurations throughout all stages of the software development process.

What's Possible

By adopting an integral platform for managing software artifacts and processes, establishing standard, repeatable processes, and leveraging a single source library of reusable validated components and artifacts, you equip your team for success. You are able to get maximum efficiencies from all your global resources resulting in significant improvements and cost savings.

Process Improvement Opportunities

The most successful companies improve the productivity of their global software development teams by transforming one or more of these key processes: 


  • Change and Configuration Management: Evolve products in an orderly fashion, from concept through retirement.
  • Project Management: Plan, execute, monitor and control complex development efforts and dependencies across globally distributed project, product and technology teams.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Determine product regulatory obligations, collect and assess evidence of compliance, communicate results to internal stakeholders and report evidence of compliance to customers and regulators.

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