Enable Secure Global Collaboration

Support Your Business with a Secure Product and Service Collaboration Platform that Integrates with Multiple Systems

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Manufacturers manage product development across an increasingly globally distributed environment and then service those products globally as well. But developing and servicing products globally is inhibited by lack of a current, trusted source of information across the enterprise, disparate systems that do not communicate with each other and an inability to secure and share intellectual property. These challenges are exacerbated by slow system performance and a lack of process and tool standardization.

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Increasingly, these limitations negatively impact your product and service organizations. Cumbersome, disconnected and unsecured systems can have far-reaching and lasting consequences. The lack of information to make informed decisions can result in delayed and over-budget projects, high cost of rework and customer dissatisfaction. Further, lack of system security can lead to lost or compromised intellectual property.

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Implementation of a single, trusted data source with common, standardized tools and processes will transform the way your product and service organizations work. Creating an environment where you can adopt “follow-the-sun” development processes, and iterative and efficient collaboration results in lower development costs, faster time-to-market, and on-target projects. These advantages give you the ability to increase your capacity and focus on helping your company create product and service advantage.

Process Improvement Opportunities

Opportunities to enable secure global collaboration exist across the landscape of product and service processes. Transformations across these key business processes commonly enable users with a secure product and service collaboration platform that integrates with multiple systems:

  • Project Management: Plan, execute, monitor, and control complex development efforts and dependencies spread across globally distributed project, product, and technology teams.
  • Component and Supplier Management: Enable effective selection, creation, and incorporation of preferred parts and suppliers during the product development process including the management of associated relevant characteristics.
  • Requirements Definition and Management: Translate the voices of customers into prioritized requirements, targets, and constraints while establishing bidirectional traceability between requirements, analysis documentation, product designs, BOMs, and verification data.
  • Product Support Analysis and Planning: Perform early supportability analysis and feedback leveraging product design data. Continually optimize recommended service programs based on predicted reliability and historical product performance analysis.
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