PTC Technical Information Solution

Create, manage and deliver world-class technical information

Why risk service performance and your customer’s ongoing satisfaction with anything less than the best technical product information? When your service team, worldwide dealer network and customers can’t quickly find the product information they need, the product doesn’t fully deliver on its potential and service outcomes are not optimized. The negative impact can be huge, whether it’s felt at your customer’s site, in your contact center or by the field workforce. Ultimately, your bottom line feels it too. 

Up-to-date technical information

PTC Technical Information solution provides easy-to-find, relevant and trustworthy product information throughout the service network. Unlike traditional document-centric methods, PTC Technical Information solution uses a product-centric approach enabling your organization to create, manage and deliver technical information in the context of the product. When technical information is accessible and reliable throughout the product’s service lifecycle and across the global service network, product performance improves and your customer's value increases.

Technical Info Solution Feature Image