PTC Service Parts Management Solution

Increase Parts Availability and Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs

Are you challenged with understanding your market’s service parts demand and determining appropriate stocking levels across the globe? Making sure your service providers and customers get the parts they need to meet service level agreements (SLAs) is critical to providing good service. If your global service supply chain is not optimized to manage service parts effectively, you’re not only accumulating unwanted inventory but negatively affecting the revenue potential of your entire service organization. The effects of inefficient service parts management jeopardize your ability to deliver best-in-class service and can lead to high product service and warranty costs, poor service technician utilization and productivity, and low customer satisfaction and retention.

Improve Customer Service Levels While Reducing Operational Costs and Inventory Investment

PTC Service Parts Management solution helps you meet your customers’ service parts needs by balancing the unique complexities of the global service supply chain. With an unrivaled approach to advanced parts forecasting, multi-echelon inventory optimization and constraint-based distribution, PTC Service Parts Management solution enables you to optimize your entire service parts supply chain.  By understanding your customers’ service parts demand and improving stocking levels, you can deliver significant customer value through increased parts availability and equipment uptime.