PTC Multi-CAD Design Solution

Whether developing new products and enhancing existing ones, most manufacturers rely on design data from multiple internal and external sources. Because this data is typically created with different 2D and 3D CAD systems, file compatibility issues inevitably arise that can cause errors, increase costs and delay product development. What’s more, to produce production-ready files, designers must often recreate non-native 3D models from scratch. While the best way to address these issues is to standardize on a single CAD system that’s easier to use and more affordable to support, the file compatibility challenge remains if your design team frequently creates new designs based on previous ones, or collaborates regularly with suppliers and other external resources.

To reliably meet development deadlines in a multi-CAD design environment, you need the flexibility to continue using multiple CAD systems in parallel or consolidate CAD resources over time. Both approaches can help improve collaboration and reduce errors across your extended product development team, resulting in better products, a faster development process and tighter cost controls.