PTC Multi-CAD Design Solution

Flexible Sharing and Reuse of Design Data

The PTC Multi-CAD solution helps your product development team achieve full productivity and realize their potential by enabling them to share and reuse design data more easily. The solution accomplishes this objective seamlessly, and without sacrificing design intelligence, regardless of what CAD systems were used to create the original files. While past investments in software, data and training can create adoption challenges, the PTC Multi-CAD solution gives your company the flexibility to continue using multiple CAD systems in parallel, or evolve toward a more unified design environment over time. Either way, the solution can dramatically improve your product development process by making it more efficient and far easier to support.

Optimize Your Multi-CAD Environment

Using the PTC Multi-CAD Design solution, your design team can avoid wasting time on complex file conversions or the tedious process of rebuilding models from scratch. What’s more, the solution allows secure access to up-to-date CAD data by your extended product development team and supply chain. All this enables better collaboration among cross-functional groups and reduces errors and delays, resulting in improved workflow, cost control, time-to-market and product quality.