PTC Global Software Development Solution

The PTC Global Software Development Solution manages the flow of assets and activities across the software development lifecycle.  It supports all software lifecycle activities, including:

  • Workflow and process automation – including Agile automation
  • Software configuration management
  • Change, issue and defect tracking
  • Reporting and metrics

What sets the PTC Global Software Development solution apart is the power and simplicity of its process-driven workflow.  Items form the basic building blocks of the solution, representing requirements, enhancement requests, user stories, defects or change requests. Every item type can be associated with an enforceable workflow, with full audit trails and security. And every item– not just source code – can be versioned, branched, merged and baselined as part of a configuration.

Solving Global Software Development Challenges

The result is unprecedented visibility, control and flexibility over the software lifecycle. 

Development teams improve productivity and quality, streamline compliance and gain visibility into product readiness — which ultimately helps you drive more innovative products into the market.