PTC Global Quality Solution

Designed-in product and process quality

The PTC Global Quality solution unites product quality, reliability and risk management activities and associates them to the product definition — including the BOM, virtual product model and other related product information and analyses. This enables an enterprise-wide approach to:

  • Plan and predict quality early during product design and development, before issues arise
  • Establish visibility with an enterprise-wide source for quality analysis and feedback
  • Close the loop to resolve issues, reuse lessons learned and improve product and process quality
Global Quality Reduces Product Costs

By designing in product and process quality, companies can:

  • Reduce the cost of engineering changes up to 75% by switching from correction to prevention1
  • Increase operating margin 25% and reduce failure costs 29% with integrated PLM and quality tools2
  • Reduce COPQ to increase earnings 10 – 15% with consistent, integrated quality best practices3

1- 2Aberdeen Group, 3McKinsey & Co