PTC Global Product Development Solution

The PTC Global Product Development solution provides a single, globally accessible repository with best practices and tools helping drive collaboration inside your global organization.

  • Manage a single source of truth for all product-related information
  • Enable fast and secure collaboration among global sites and value chain partners
  • Share the collective knowledge and experience of the enterprise

Product Development Drives Business Growth

Many manufacturers are striving to achieve a global product development environment; one in which coordinated teams rely on digital means to create and share product information throughout the world. This type of approach gives companies a greater ability to manage development costs, source talent, and respond to the needs of local markets. Done well, global product development can be a major driver of sustained, improved business performance.

With new market demands and ever-increasing product complexity, global product development requires a tight alignment among engineering disciplines to ensure a quality final product. However, the broader the collaboration circle, the more difficult and error prone the data sharing and process coordination can be. Protecting sensitive product information becomes a very real challenge.

The PTC Global Product Development solution can help manufacturers simplify the complexities of global product development.

Unlike other approaches that operate disconnected systems, the PTC Global Product Development solution offers a single, globally accessible repository that securely captures and manages product data while synchronizing development activities that span organizations and boundaries. Companies can now develop new products and new ideas globally, while taking full advantage of local talent to meet local market requirements.

Done right, Global Product Development can enable:

  • 80% improvement in design and process reuse2
  • 25% decrease in product development time1
  • 30%-40% cost savings through higher product commonalities

1Schuh & Co, others from PTC customer experience; 2PTC Customer