PTC Global Platforms Solution

Product Diversity with Scale

The PTC Global Platforms Solution provides manufacturers with a way to efficiently deliver regional or market-specific products without increasing operational complexity. This solution allows you to achieve product diversity by:

  • Managing modular product designs
  • Validating product platforms and specific configurations
  • Reusing platform logic and product configurations across the enterprise
Platform Reuse to Meet Diverse Market Needs

Product diversity with scale is possible with a global platform strategy. With a platform approach, companies reuse systems and subsystems across product families.  Efficiency improves as reuse of systems and interfaces becomes the basis for manufacturing plans and service deliverables.

A global platform approach manages all aspects of a product: the geometry, the various “bills of information” and all the configurable logic. The PTC Global Platforms Solution provides companies with the critical capabilities needed for platform success.

  • Enable faster NPI through greater product reuse
  • Improve NPI win rate through tailored products
  • Reduce production cost and improve service profitability