PTC Enterprise Validation and Review Solution

Improving Visual Decision-Making

Large volumes of digital product content need to be efficiently shared across today’s extended enterprise. Coordinating critical design reviews from scattered stakeholders is an enormous data and communication challenge. To avoid product rework, missed targets and ultimately a negative impact to the bottom-line, design interrogation and visual collaboration among all stakeholders must be an integral part of the product lifecycle.
Better Design Reviews Lead to Better Products

The PTC Enterprise Validation and Review solution offers a universal platform that allows everyone, both inside and outside the company, to be involved in the design process and exchange valuable product insights. With high-performing and easy-to-use visualization tools, manufacturers are enabled to:

  • Collaboratively analyze 3D and 2D MCAD product models, assemblies, drawings, images and documents within one environment; without native authoring applications
  • Replace error-prone and inefficient paper review processes with web-based markup and distribution
  • Run complete assembly ‘clash detection’ with PLM managed issue resolution
  • Provide enhanced, model-based definitions -- including annotation details -- to quality, inspection and manufacturing engineers
  • Advanced ECAD design review with board and schematic cross-highlighting

Customer Stories