Rethink 3D CAD… Discover the Benefits of Combining 2D and 3D

Learn how adding 3D to your 2D environment can optimize your product development processes

While most 2D CAD users have considered the move to 3D modeling, many are put off by the perception of a difficult and disruptive transition between the two modeling approaches. However, substantial and impactful technology advances directly affect how quickly and easily organizations can start using 3D CAD, and many companies are finding it to be easier than expected.

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  • Discover how 3D technology advances can improve 2D processes
  • Read analyst recommendations for selecting tools & vendors
  • Download free tools & product trials
  • See customer tips for improving your 2D and 3D CAD process

2D-3D CAD Study Uncovers Opportunities for Improvement

PTC recently conducted a global survey of current 2D & 3D CAD trends in product design. We heard from designers, team and process managers, and even company and business leaders. Check out the latest trends in this free research brief including common pitfalls and opportunities for improvement.

  • Research Brief
    Covers topics such as time & costs, risks, tools & processes, inefficiencies, and best practices.
    Download Research Brief

Rethink 3D CAD… Discover the Benefits of Combining 2D and 3D

Many manufacturers think that they must choose between 2D and 3D CAD – but with the availability of new technologies, this is no longer the case.

  • Adding 3D to 2D
    Learn why dropping 2D for 3D doesn’t always make sense.
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  • Overcoming the Challenges of 2D
    Discover how you can benefit from mixing both 2D and 3D CAD.
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  • Top 10 Reasons to Revisit 3D
    Find out the top ten reasons to reconsider 3D modeling.

Analyst Recommendations for Selecting to 3D CAD Solution

Choosing the right software provider can actually be more difficult than deciding to move from 2D to 3D in the first place. Read industry analyst Chad Jackson’s guide for adding a 3D CAD solution.

  • A Buyer’s Guide for Moving to 3D CAD
    Analyst recommendations for selecting tools, vendors, and more.
    Download Buyers Guide

3D Design Solutions from PTC

The right choice of a 3D CAD tool can deliver a true competitive business advantage to product development companies. PTC offers the best of both parametric and direct modeling 3D CAD paradigms with an unprecedented level of interoperability. Learn how PTC solutions can improve your processes.

  • Creo Direct
    Create and modify 3D designs quickly and easily.
    Learn More

  • Creo Elements/Direct
    The simplicity of 2D with the power of 3D direct modeling.
    Learn More

  • Creo Layout
    Create design concepts in 2D that can be seamlessly leveraged in Creo Parametric.
    Learn More

  • Creo Parametric
    The standard for 3D Parametric CAD, Creo Parametric is interoperable with both Creo Direct and Creo Layout.
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3D Design Free Product Downloads & Trials

If you're ready to put together a strategy for your 2D to 3D process, consider these technologies and solutions:

  • Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express
    Combine the simplicity of 2D with the benefits of 3D with this lightweight, easy-to-learn free software.
    Download the Free Version

Customer Case Studies

Customers with a passion for adding 3D to their 2D design process make a real difference with the help of PTC’s solutions. Share in their success:

  • Aquamatic Samplers
    This water sampler company discusses how they added 3D design to 2D without excessive overhead.
    Download the Case Study

  • IHIStar
    See why IHI Star began to rethink its design strategy and why they decided to switch to 3D.
    Download the Case Study

    See how Asmag UK Ltd. wins new business and delivers in record time using Creo Elements Direct 3D Software from PTC.
    Download the Case Study

  • Creo Blog
    Read more about 2D and 3D modeling on the Creo Blog.
    Read the Blog

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