Verification & Validation

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses & Delays by Meeting Your Customers' Requirements the First Time

Many companies experience the pain of expensive recalls, costly product rework, and unexpected delays in product releases. A major contributing factor is the lack of a closed loop, system level product design verification and validation process. Ensuring your customers' needs are met through digital or physical means as the design progresses is a critical part of product development and can help you avoid these expenses and delays.

Organizational complexity, product complexity, and tool complexity have outpaced support infrastructure to ensure that what is delivered conforms to what was requested by the customer. Some key challenges of system level verification and validation include collaborating and iterating early enough during system architecture design phase. Organizations often struggle with flowing requirements down from the system level into the individual engineering disciplines to define what needs to be developed to satisfy customer requirements. Lack of coordination across engineering disciplines exacerbates this problem.

Another prominent challenge is putting simple-to-use analysis capabilities in the hands of mechanical design engineers to allow them to design products right the first time - streamlining the creation and management of specific product configurations appropriate for digital and physical testing purposes, and providing traceability between results and design configurations.

PTC's Product Development System (PDS) provides simple, powerful simulation capabilities that allow engineers to develop a more informed design through virtual product testing early in the process. PTC links system level requirements with system level test that flow into software, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines for further closed loop testing. Test results are linked to original customer requirements and design configurations for downstream traceability and reuse.

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