Variant Design & Generation

Provide Many Product Options, Working from One Source

Customers expect "personalized" products, and they'll give their loyalty to the manufacturers who provide product variety and respond fastest. Defining and managing multiple design variants to satisfy customer, regional and market-specific needs and accommodate design alternatives and improvements is becoming the industry trend. Successfully leveraging flexible platform designs and managing the complexity of multiple variant configurations is the key to competitive differentiation.

By adopting an effective variant generation approach, companies are delivering improved customer service - greater product choice and higher quality product configurations. This leads to faster customer response and more accurate customer proposal, while the associated cost of providing many product options is lowered by sharing the engineering, development, manufacturing and operational costs of a single underlying product platform across many market options.

PTC's Product Development System (PDS) helps customers develop and manage a single configurable BOM that integrates all product elements (electrical/mechanical/software), while part classification and search capabilities encourage and support component reuse. Lead times for key manufacturing and service deliverables for new variants can be drastically reduced by adopting flexible, reusable Creo CAD models, and configurable Arbortext technical publications.

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