Tooling Design & Manufacture

Digitize and optimize the tool design and manufacture process

Today’s toolmakers are under continuous pressure to reduce cost despite the fact that product designs and the corresponding tooling are becoming more complex. And, since tooling is often on the critical path for new product introduction, OEM’s are requiring toolmakers to further reduce time-to-delivery. These pressures, combined with increasing global competition, an expectation of faster turnaround for design changes, and high quality requirements are forcing leading toolmakers to make significant and lasting changes in how they conduct business.

With the PTC Product Development System (PDS), toolmakers can digitize and optimize their tool design and manufacture process. With a unique combination of best-in-class and integral capabilities, the PDS helps toolmakers improve productivity, deliver high quality tooling, and maximize profitability.

PTC’s PDS boosts tool designer productivity with specialized capabilities that accelerate and automate the design of tooling such as molds, mold bases, and dies. Specialized analyses, such as mold filling, allow for a reduction of tooling development cost by eliminating expensive physical prototypes. Furthermore, the PDS helps reduce manufacturing cost and achieve first-time quality with quick and robust NC programming capabilities —utilizing the latest high-speed machining technologies-- for even the most-complex geometries. Concurrent engineering and flexibility is enabled with associative tooling models and NC programs that automatically update when change occurs. Additionally, toolmakers can streamline their complete process --from RFQ to final delivery--within their enterprise and across their supply chain, with PDS capabilities including: project and data management, change and configuration management, and secure collaboration.

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