Technical Information Creation & Delivery

Create & Manage a Single Source of Publishing Content

Increased product complexity, regulatory compliance, and customer demand for personalized information are forcing companies to rethink how they author, manage, publish and deliver their product information. Traditional tools and approaches within the technical publications environment have been outpaced by the expanding media formats customers expect and demand information to be provided in. As a result, the technical publications process has become a bottleneck in many product delivery processes, impacting market opportunity, product acceptance, service revenue, and customer satisfaction.

What's missing is a solution that enables companies to concurrently develop their products and associated technical publications. A solution that enables technical writers, contractors and suppliers to collaboratively create and manage a single source of publication content that can be used across all required media formats. A solution that automatically configures and delivers personalized publications to address the exact needs of every consumer.

PTC's Product Development System (PDS) with the dynamic publishing capabilities of the Arbortext software is the industry's first and only integral solution that enables companies to collaboratively author, manage, publish and dynamically deliver personalized publications from a single-content source. It enables mechanical, electronic and software design content to be associated with images, textual and tabular data to create a rich, interactive set of documentation that automatically updates when product changes occur. It addresses all aspects of publishing product information, removing organizational barriers, increasing publication authoring, and updating productivity, thus reducing translation costs and automatically delivering personalized content in a variety of media formats.

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