S1000D, S2000M & SCORM

Enable S1000D, S2000M and SCORM Compliance

Stringent information delivery standards such as S1000D, S2000M and SCORM are becoming common place in the worldwide A&D markets and are forcing suppliers to accommodate those requirements to remain competitive, or even to survive. However, increased product complexity, a distributed supply chain and customer demand for real-time, accurate information are forcing companies to retool how they author, manage, publish and deliver their product information.

Traditional tools and approaches within the product information delivery environments have been outpaced by the expanding multimedia formats customers and suppliers demand information to be provided in. As a result, the S1000D technical publications and S2000M provisioning processes have become bottlenecks in many A&D product delivery processes, impacting market opportunity, profitability, service and training revenues, and customer satisfaction.

What’s needed is a solution that enables technical writers, contractors and suppliers to collaboratively create and manage a single source of complex product information that can be used across all required media formats and geographic borders.

PTC's integral Product Development System (PDS) coupled with the product information delivery capabilities of the Arbortext software for Aerospace & Defense is the industry's first and only solution for S1000D. This solution enables suppliers to collaboratively author, manage, publish and dynamically deliver complex A&D product information from a single-content source. PTC’s turn-key, out of the box Arbortext software contains the full set of capabilities required to create, publish, and deliver information, compliant with S1000D, S2000M, and SCORM.

Product Information Delivery for A&D

  • Arbortext
    Arbortext enterprise publishing software supports the entire enterprise publishing process from creation through delivery
  • Provisioning for A&D
    The PTC initial provisioning solution, compliant with S2000M chapter 1, delivers all the necessary capabilities to achieve initial provisioning and illustrated parts catalogs, including the ability to create, collaborate, control, configure and communicate vital provisioning information
  • S1000D Technical Publications
    The PTC solution for S1000D technical publications includes all five core elements of an S1000D deployment: authoring capability for both text and graphics; CSDB capability; publishing capability; IETP viewer; and business rule validation capability
  • Training and eLearning for A&D
    The PTC solution for eLearning ensures compliance with SCORM and automates the process of reusing the S1000D training modules through tight coupling with the S1000D CSDB
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