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Create Timely & Competitive Responses to Your Customers' Requests

The Proposal Response process involves responding to a customer's request for proposal, pricing, or information by collaboratively creating a timely and competitive formal response. The Proposal Response process is a collaborative effort between sales, engineering, manufacturing and the supply chain. The pressure to respond quickly either leads to a breakdown in collaboration, resulting in poor response quality and accuracy, or to expensive manual coordination and untimely consumption of engineering resources.

Global competition, increased product complexity, and the pressure to minimize response time is causing leading manufacturers to focus on proposal management as a source of competitive advantage. They are seeking to streamline collaboration, reuse boilerplate marketing and legal content, and reuse existing estimates and designs from past proposal responses with proposal software.

PTC's Product Development System (PDS) provides Web-based collaboration spaces that securely distribute proposal information, collect response artifacts, and facilitate collaboration among internal and external team members. Document management capabilities of this proposal writing software include iteration history, library services, visualization, document templates, and change notification. An integral workflow engine routes proposal deliverables through custom approval and review processes. Library management and integrated search tools provide for archiving all proposal background information, reference documents, product information, and supply chain feedback generated during proposal response projects. And, content creation tools enable response content to be created as reusable components so proposals can be dynamically assembled with rich product data into professionally formatted documents.

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