Manufacturing Outsourcing

Optimize Your Outsourcing - Securely & Effectively

Global competition is creating relentless pressure to reduce the cost of products. Emerging economies represent a massive opportunity to access cheap, yet skilled, labor. Those same economies are also huge new markets for manufacturers who can produce locally and at a price those economies can bear.

These market pressures are forcing companies to outsource most of their component production and much of their assembly operations, yet the contract manufacturing outsourcing process is fraught with challenges: engineering and manufacturing teams separated by oceans must function as an integrated and efficient team; difficulty gaining visibility into cost, quality, and delivery information; risk of loss of intellectual property; and difficulty getting feedback from the contract manufacturer. Typically, the process is inadequately documented and inconsistently used by the participants. Data exchange is often via FTP, email, and hard-copy documents.

PTC's Product Development System (PDS) offers comprehensive outsourcing management capabilities to help OEMs and partners make their collaboration secure and efficient. Secure project-oriented workspaces are easy to set up and administer. Engineering designs, specifications, source code and other documents are managed in a common Web-accessible repository. Lightweight 2D/3D visualization tools are available to enable OEM and development partners to view, review, and markup each other's content - whether it's Software, Mechanical or Electrical. Activities and source files can be managed and reused with familiar, built-in, project management capabilities, including managing, milestones, deliverables and tasks - all controlled by PTC's full-function workflow system.

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