Line Planning

Streamline Your Line Development to Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Enabling companies to design, manage and communicate seasonal line plans to successfully deliver fashion right products in shorter cycle times.

In today's global environment, design teams are distributed across different parts of the world with different time zones and languages. Product line development is no longer occurring four times a year, but in many companies a new line is developed every couple of weeks. To keep up with the latest fashions, the number of carryovers is decreasing and the number of new products is steadily increasing. This makes the process of creatively developing product ideas and core marketing messages of a line very complex.

Retailers and brands require a product line management solution that allows them to manage the design of a line made up of different product types, deliveries and distribution channels. It is critical that any modifications to the line such as late adds or drops or even slight modifications are communicated to the entire design team. Early visibility of the makeup of the line to the extended team, including technical designers, sourcing managers and supply chain partners early in the product development process is key to success. On top of these requirements, you must be able to easily view and filter the makeup of the line by delivery, vendor, channel, region and size category.

PTC's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution helps track, manage and share up-to-date information about the entire line with the distributed product development team. Dashboard views easily show the health of the line, not only from a delivery standpoint, but also for overall health including financial profitably and the assortment mix. Only PTC's PLM solution tightly integrates the line plan to seasonal calendars as well as robust materials management solutions. This tight integration allows for greater control over a complex, creative process so your designers can focus on what they do best - designing great products!

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