Fast Fashion

Deliver High-Quality, Fashion-Right Products Quickly

Enabling companies to track, manage and share seasonal line plans and product specifications across a global supply chain to accelerate speed-to-market and design closer to delivery.

In today's fast-paced retail environment, consumers expect to see fashion right products of high quality delivered at a low cost. For retailers and brands to survive in this intensely competitive market, they need to be masters at delivering products in the shortest possible timeframe at the right price. This involves coordinating a complex apparel product development process across a global supply chain.

Retailers and brands require up-to-the-minute views of the seasonal line plan as well as detailed status of individual products. Modifications or missed deadlines need to be instantly shared with a global team so all members can react quickly. Solutions for this industry should enable global collaboration, change management, and robust workflow for managing the complex interdependent relationships of colors, materials, products, colorways and sizes.

PTC is the only company that offers a comprehensive industry-specific solution covering a broad range of processes such as storyboarding, assortment planning, line planning, raw materials development, product specification development, sampling, costing, sourcing and vendor management. In order to deliver fast fashion, all fashion product development processes must be in sync. Customer best practices have been successfully applied to handle the needs of multiple product categories and diverse distribution channels. PTC's robust Windchill™ workflow engine ties the depth and breadth of the solution's functionality together.

Today, PTC provides the only enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that is Web-based, fully configurable, scalable and able to manage complex workflow processes of a trend-based industry.

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