Electromechanical Product Development

Manage & Synchronize Your Electrical, Mechanical & Software Design Data & Teams

Enabling customers to tightly manage the concurrent development of electrical, mechanical and embedded software designs to improve electromechanical design reuse, product cost, time-to-market and product quality.

Whether you're in the high tech, automotive, aerospace & defense, or industrial equipment industry, your products are likely to incorporate more advanced electronics and software technology in more complex, and usually smaller, mechanical packages than ever before. Facilitating electro-mechanical product development requires tight integration among electrical, mechanical and software development teams. However, these teams are often dispersed across different geographies, potentially working across different languages and cultures, and working with different tools and applications. Added to that, traditional technologies do not allow for streamlined collaboration across these engineering silos. This generally results in endless review meetings, frustrating re-work, delayed product launches, blown budgets, and sometimes even expensive recalls of shipped products.

PTC can help. Our innovative Product Development System (PDS) allow companies - for the first time - to manage and synchronize electrical, mechanical and software design data and teams. The PDS offers the widest support of integrations to different ECAD and software configuration management tools, including IBM Rational ClearCase. The PDS enables automated design checks to identify potential problems across disciplines and provide the collaboration tools to solve problems early in the process, reducing late-stage changes due to coordination problems across disciplines. Finally, our industry-leading 3D mechanical CAD solution, Pro/ENGINEER - in use at over 3,000 electronics companies - incorporates many of the key technologies to collaborate with electrical designers out-of-the box.

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