Detailed Development

Deliver high performing detailed design

Detailed Design is the process of developing a fully defined, digital prototype of a product from a clear set of requirements while creating deliverables and documentation appropriate for product manufacturing. Global competition, distributed product development, pressure on time to market, and increased product complexity has put pressure on companies to improve their detailed design process to meet the increasing customer demands for innovative, high-quality products.

Today's detail design process presents enormous challenges. The reality for many organizations is that design often uses multi-CAD or legacy data which causes difficulty in importing and modifying the models. In addition, most companies operate in a distributed environment, requiring the coordination of design partners and multi-disciplined design teams across time zones and language barriers. Engineers must balance risk and trade-offs while rapidly delivering high performance detailed design specifications that work reliably and offer value. Changes to requirements and late-stage design changes are frequent and quickly incorporating those changes into the design process in a managed and controlled way is difficult. Balancing requirements with cost and quality pressures further complicates the process. Design reuse and process automation would be a big help in streamlining what has become an increasingly complex process.

PTC delivers all the essential tools for creating, viewing, simulating, analyzing and managing a complete digital prototype. 3D product models are developed in a highly productive, web-connected environment using industry-leading CAD, CAID, CAM and CAE capabilities that scale to meet the needs of any company. These digital prototypes capture critical design, analysis and manufacturing information in a single master model, compressing the entire product development cycle.

The complete product information is managed in a single, structured, cross-discipline product data repository that gives a globally dispersed product development team timely, role-based access to the latest product information. External partners can be integrated securely and seamlessly into development activities. In addition, PTC's detailed design solutions help to streamline and automate many design activities, including design review and mechatronic collaboration.

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