Design & Manufacturing Outsourcing

Communicate Effectively with Outsourced Team Members

During the past decade, we have seen the rapid growth of Design Outsourcing as a key operational driver for cost savings, productivity increases, and competitive differentiation. Design Outsourcing - the process of engaging with a third party to deliver a system, sub-system or component design, or a set of engineering services (such as drafting or analysis) - is used to achieve a diverse set of tactical and strategic business objectives, including increased revenue, reduced time-to-market, and organizational transformation. Gartner Group studies show that about 50% of outsourcing deals end in failure, due to the expected ROI and other non-financial benefits not being achieved.

The success of the outsourcing practice can be dramatically improved with better alignment of goals and agreement on how to measure success between the client and the supplier. A well defined outsourcing strategy will provide access to the skilled pools of labor and result in global reach uninterrupted by organizational structures, time zones, and cultural differences. Deploying standard company business processes across the extended enterprise accelerates the integration of partners and ensures best practices are adopted. Sharing of data is streamlined between partners, information duplication is eliminated, errors are reduced, and part standardization is enabled.

The collaboration and process management capabilities of the PTC Product Development System (PDS) optimize the Design Outsourcing process. Use of project templates, execution of project plans, deliverables and action management are necessary to ensure the proper process control. The PDS provides an integral connection to Creo data and integrations with other MCAD and ECAD formats, enabling an environment ideal for working with many partners. The PDS visualization and markup capabilities combined with workflow-driven process automation deliver a perfect collaboration environment needed for successful Design Outsourcing.

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