Smart, Connected Products Solutions

PTC Solutions for Developing Smart, Connected Products and IoT Applications

Discrete manufacturers are bringing increasingly smart and connected products to market that generate new sources of value for their businesses and their customers, as streams of data are captured and analyzed in real-time, and product capabilities are enhanced through remote operation and after-market service applications. PTC’s strategy and technology-enabled Solutions transform the way smart, connected products are created, operated and serviced.

How Smart, Connected Products Enable Business Transformation

PTC Live Interactive Workshop: How Smart Connected Products Enable Business Transformation

These short videos provide four perspectives on how smart, connected products can be monitored and optimized throughout their complete lifecycle, helping companies stay ahead of their competition.

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The ThingWorx platform will speed the creation of high value IoT applications that support manufacturers' strategies, such as predictive maintenance and system monitoring, and enhance PTC's existing ALM, SCM, PLM and SLM solution portfolio. PTC offers its customers a means to establish a secure, reliable connection to their products as well as a platform to rapidly develop IoT applications for maintaining and operating them – and ultimately for finding ways to create new value from them.

The ThingWorx platform supports rapid application development (RAD) through the use of model-based development and mashup tools, enabling companies to deploy tailored M2M/IoT applications up to 10 times faster with full data management and analysis capabilities.

The result? ThingWorx empowers companies to cost-effectively create value from their smart, connected products and deliver end-to-end Internet of Things solutions, addressing a limitless spectrum of business applications. The three demo videos below illustrate just a few of the manufacturing and service models made possible by the ThingWorx platform.


PTC ThingWorx Use Case Videos

To successfully compete in an IoT-enabled market, manufacturers require a platform that can rapidly connect and stream product data for real-time analysis and response. Using the ThingWorx mashup builder, organizations can improve performance monitoring, enhance remote services, and optimize fleet usage. Select any of the following use cases to request video access.

Use Case: Connecting Disparate Manufacturing SystemsUse Case: Connecting Disparate Manufacturing Systems

As organizations grow organically and through acquisition, they face the challenge of connecting multiple disparate data sets or homegrown systems. In this demonstration, we review a mashup developed on the ThingWorx Platform for a manufacturer with over 300 plants, connecting multiple disparate systems and maximizing user productivity with role-based views on KPIs and other information.

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Internet of Things Solutions Use Case: A Remote Service Model in the Medical Device VerticalUse Case: A Remote Service Model in the Medical Device Vertical

To remain competitive, companies must transform the ways products are maintained and serviced with the goal of reducing overall service costs. The ThingWorx Medical Device demonstration mashup showcases how smart, connected products can enable a remote service business model.

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Internet of Things Applications Use Case: Smart Fleet Management for a Rental Car CompanyUse Case: Smart Fleet Management for a Rental Car Company

Increasingly, companies must accelerate business innovation to differentiate their products in the marketplace, and drive new growth. ThingWorx can help. The Rental Car demonstration mashups illustrate the capability to track vehicle locations and performance, monitor driver usage behaviors, and even push information to create partner revenue opportunities.

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In addition to the clear business opportunities for smart, connected products, the ThingWorx platform can also have transformational impact on a broad spectrum of connected industries and systems, supporting the development of Smart Cities and Smart Grids/Energy, to cite just two examples.

The ThingWorx platform, in combination with PTC’s solutions for Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) delivers product and service advantage across the entire product lifecycle. Contact us today to speak with a PTC expert about the ways our solutions can power your IoT applications and smart, connected product strategy.