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Transform Your Business with Smart, Connected Products

We live in a smart, connected world. The number of devices connected to the Internet recently surpassed the total number of humans on the planet. According to industry reports, we’re accelerating on our way to an “Internet of Things” that will include as many as 50 billion connected products by the end of the decade. In this new world all manner of sensors, tags, and controls will become a part of both the manufacturing process as well as the smart products that such manufacturers produce. This transformation is taking shape across all manufacturing sectors.

For discrete manufacturers, the implications are huge. Historically, they have lost control of their product once it leaves the factory. With smart, connected products, manufacturers can now experience true closed-loop, product lifecycle management where they can track, manage and control product information at any phase of its lifecycle at any time and any place in the world. This will allow manufacturers to:

  • Accelerate smart product innovation
  • Extend capabilities within and alongside the product
  • Deliver new value through integrated services throughout the lifecycle

However, the creation of smart, connected products is not easy. To capitalize on this opportunity, manufacturers must assess their company’s strategy as it relates to everything from product design to sourcing, production, sales, and service. Manufacturers must be able to securely collect and respond to data from customers, suppliers, and now the products themselves. Long-term, this data will necessitate the development of advanced analytic capabilities. The more immediate need will be for systems that support remote product monitoring, operation, and optimization.

To address these challenges, PTC leverages the ThingWorx platform, which enables the rapid development of applications that securely connect manufacturers to their factories, products, and after-market service environments. These applications enable the user to easily manage and understand smart product performance and usage data to inform ongoing product development, quality assurance, and service management, generating increased value for the manufacturer and their customer base. Visit our Solutions and Customer Success pages to see some illustrative use cases.

"PTC isn’t merely telling an IoT story - it is moving quickly to own it and to strongly channel it for customers to use in new and strategic ways."

— Tony Rizzo, Blue Hill Research

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PTC Smart Connected Products eBook

Smart, Connected Products eBook

Smart, connected products are evolving into interconnected systems that introduce new capabilities. To learn how manufacturers are using these capabilities to achieve true, closed-loop lifecycle management, download the eBook ›


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IDC Infographic: IoT Transforms Manufacturing

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