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Grade Your Models with Expert Model Analysis

PTC University Expert Model Analysis (XMA) deepens your understanding of PTC Creo Parametric and Pro/ENGINEER models with the push of a button. Using multiple measures in 50 different areas of analysis, XMA enables you to understand the level of complexity in your models and identify areas for optimization. This allows you to take corrective action and apply product design best practices.

To date, XMA has been a consulting tool to help us engage our customers in a meaningful dialogue about potential areas for value realization. In numerous engagements, customers have consistently wanted to own this tool in-house so they could regularly perform scans on their own. This demand for XMA initiated the development of XMA Desktop, which is now available as a new PTC University product. We are also offering this free trial version to help you explore the power of Expert Model Analysis.

Explore the power of XMA

  • Download the PTC University Expert Model Analysis trial and test this tool free for 30 days
  • This trial demonstrates a sample of the full features and reports available in XMA Desktop
  • Expert Model Analysis works with PTC Creo Parametric and all models last saved in Pro/ENGINEER v15 or higher (including PTC Creo Elements/Pro)

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