Enterprise Learning Programs

Improve the Value of your Technology Implementation


Technology is meant to improve productivity and efficiency. Yet many organizations fail to realize the expected value and ROI goals when adopting new technology. Organizations typically focus user adoption efforts on training. While training is vital, we at PTC University follow a more holistic approach to help our customers reach their goals with PTC software:

  • Planning the strategy for successful adoption
  • Preparing the organization for change — “Aware”
  • Educating users with role-specific knowledge and skills — “Acquire”
  • Ensuring the solution is used effectively — “Apply”

One of the most important roadblocks to user adoption is resistance to change. A new white paper describes reasons why some people may resist new technology and business processes and provides strategies, tactics, and tips to help your organization develop awareness campaigns that help overcome user resistance.
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CAD Optimization

PTC University can help if your CAD productivity is not what you had expected

  • Increase design reuse and standardize working methods
  • Enhance ability to configure products
  • Institutionalize knowledge capture
  • Improve collaboration with distributed design partners
  • Reduce number of engineering changes 

Precision Learning Programs

What if you could improve your team’s overall proficiency in PTC products by 65%? How About 82%? These figures are just some of the actual results that customers have realized through the PTC University Precision Learning Program. Learn how productivity improvements can help you reduce your time-to-market, spend more time innovating or drive down costs. 

Process-based Training through Best Practice Academy

Across the product development spectrum — from CAD administrators to design managers to development engineers — you’re facing increasing challenges that reduce productivity and escalate costs. “Our design processes are inconsistent.” “We need deeper skill sets.” “Why are errors not discovered until assembly?!” Sound familiar?

PTC University’s new learning approach, Best Practice Academy, helps you prevent these and other everyday design issues before they can negatively impact your organization's competitiveness — by focusing on best-practice design methodology.

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