PTC Service Network Management Solution

Analyze Service Network Performance in Real-time and Gain Visibility

Managing complex operations across your global service network is challenging. Often, many actions must be taken against a single service event across multiple partners in multiple locations, orchestrating actions and recording when those actions are accomplished is paramount to successful service management.

As service events require complex processes to efficiently execute logistics orders across multiple locations the enterprise is forced to utilize partners or systems that understand the intricacies of how these service events need to be executed. This means that you must use partners that can handle complex events. Your enterprise needs a solution that allows you to break these complex events into simple instructions to provide to any logistics partner regardless of size and infrastructure. This helps lower the cost of outsourcing as well as insourcing.

When the information your service partners provide comes from disparate systems, visibility becomes compromised and quality and cost is difficult to manage. Your enterprise needs a solution that structures and collects all of the information in your service network and gives a single source of truth across inventory and orders. You also need robust analytics that allow you to manage by exception in order to easily determine appropriate actions for resolutions.

PTC Service Network Management solution provides you with:

  • A service network execution engine which integrates visibility and order orchestration across critical network partners, including but not limited to OEMs, repair depots, triage and distribution centers, and logistics providers.

  • Insight into the end-to-end service supply chain so you can orchestrate all service orders, monitor and solve exceptions, manage parts by condition and ownership, view all service levels, and manage turnaround times by contract and customer.

  • The unique opportunity to monitor and analyze the performance of service partners in real-time for continual process improvement.

  • Real-time information on the next best action your service partners need to perform.