How to Buy Service Lifecycle Management Software

Purpose-built software for your Service Lifecycle Management Needs

PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) Solutions consist of a range of software packages that are tailored to your needs and clearly aligned with your objectives. While some solutions contain elements that can be purchased individually, you will never be stuck with a one-size-fits-all bundle, or be forced to buy numerous capabilities separately. PTC’s solutions can scale with you – as you grow and your needs change, we grow right along with you.

We offer several different pricing models, offering greater flexibility to meet your needs. PTC works very closely with our customers to help them find a solution that will deliver the best value in the shortest time possible.


Service Parts Pricing Service Network Management
Service & Parts Information Service Knowledge & Diagnostics Service Parts Management
You can start with a smaller investment and grow as you need change
Our packaging aligns with your needs - NOT our feature set
Pricing can be based on the value YOU derive from our Solution (i.e. the value of parts managed, searches, etc.) - no matter how many sites you have or how many users use it
Get built-in analytics and dashboard capability upfront at reduced cost