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Task 4. Make design changes in the model and drawing


    One of the things that makes Pro/ENGINEER the most powerful and respected CAD package on the market today is it's model-centric architecture.  In other words, "a single-source-of-truth" where all the physical properties are kept at the part level, and that a change made anywhere is reflected everywhere. 

  1. To open the component being used in the drawing, you can either select the name of the component BOX.PRT from the model tree and do a Right Mouse Button Open or Click Open from the main toolbar.

  2. Select the BOX.PRT from the Open dialog box.

  3. Click Open and the BOX.PRT will open in a separate window.

  4. From the Model Tree, RMB select the Extrude 2 feature and select Edit.

  5. Double-click the 8.13 dimension, change it to 4 and press Enter.

  6. Click Regenerate  to update the model.

  7. Select the pulldown Window, BOX.DRW:1 to switch back to the drawing and see the changes.


    Design changes can also be made from the drawing and the model will update.

  8. Select the note and press and hold Right Mouse button and select Edit Value from the pull down.

  9. Type 0.2 and press Enter.

  10. Select Regenerate  (again, notice how all the information is accurately updated on the drawing.)

  11. Select Window from the pulldown menu, then select BOX.PRT.

  12. Press and hold the Middle Mouse Button and rotate the part around.  Notice how the model geometry updated.

  13. File, Close Window  to return to BOX.DRW.

  14. Click Save  from the main toolbar and click OK.


    Saving a drawing will also, by default, save any modified parts or assemblies it references.

  15. File, Close Window .