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Creo Parametric and Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER):
Detailed Design - CAD

Refine and fully document any product, regardless of complexity. Detailed Design includes topics such as:

  • PTC Creo Schematics Overview
    PTC Creo Schematics provides all the tools needed for creating 2D routed systems diagrams for piping and cabling designs. PTC Creo Schematics also includes standard parts libraries and automatically drives 3D designs in PTC Creo. This saves users time and reduces errors in manually transferring data, which accelerates the transition from systems design to detailed design.
  • PTC Creo Parametric Overview
    PTC Creo Parametric delivers the most powerful and flexible, parametric modeling capabilities including those currently available in what people know as Pro/ENGINEER. Extensions to this core app deliver a broad range of seamlessly integrated 3D CAD/CAID/CAM/CAE capabilities.
  • Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly Extension Customers with Active Maintenance
    This demo will cover several important features and functions of Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Assembly Extension. The features demonstrated are using simplified representations to improve large assembly management ability, deploying the complete top down design solution in order for high quality design and effective collaboration to exist, getting variant designs by interchanging the components with different methods, and rapidly and effectively creating the assembly process planning.
  • Pro/ENGINEER ModelCHECK Customers with Active Maintenance
    In the demo we are examining the steering assembly of the racecar to determine if the models have been built properly and are ready to be released. We will run ModelCHECK on a part, an assembly and a drawing. Shape Indexing will be used to find parts in the assembly that are duplicates of other parts that were previously used in other designs. A new component of ModelCHECK called GeomIntegrityCHECK will be used to verify the integrity of a model that was imported from another CAD system. The demo also show RuleCHECK based on designing a pressure vessel.
  • Pro/ENGINEER Tolerance Analysis Extension Customers with Active Maintenance
    This video demonstrates the Tolerance Analysis Extension, which allows a designer to assure that models allow for proper assembly tolerances as well as optimum performance.

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