What's New in Mathcad 14.0

Mathcad 14.0 is PTC's first global release of Mathcad since the acquisition of Mathsoft in April 2006. This release offers several significant enhancements which improve the personal and engineering process productivity benefits currently offered by the Mathcad product family.

Global Language Support

9 Languages

Mathcad is now available in the same 9 languages that PTC has historically offered: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean.

Full Unicode Support

Unicode enables consistent worksheet display regardless of operating system, locale or language setting. Users can use all necessary region- and discipline-correct notation in any area of a Mathcad worksheet including variable names, plot labels, etc. Mathcad now offers better support for Asian characters, improving usability, streamlining insertion of Japanese characters, and increasing personal productivity and global collaboration.

Improved Calculation Power and Clarity

Worksheet Analysis
Inline Numeric Evaluation and Enhancements to Explicit Calculation
Enhanced Symbolics
Enhancements in Mathematic Solvers

These enhancements allow users to solve and document a broader range of engineering design problems.

Enhancements in Plot Formatting

Allow users to create better graphical reports, improving documentation, communication and collaboration throughout the product development process.

Increased PTC Support

With Mathcad 14.0, customers on active maintenance now have access to PTC's global 24X7 technical support. This significantly increases the previous technical support offering, giving customers the support they need anytime, anywhere.

Single users will activate Mathcad 14.0 new licenses and upgrade licenses using PTC's automated licensing infrastructure. Mathcad's new FlexLM license management implementation for single users offers a more robust activation process and improves the end-user experience.

Documentation Enhancements

Localized Documentation

Mathcad documentation and help resources are now localized into all 9 languages that PTC supports including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

New Additions to Mathcad Resources

Mathcad's online resources continue to provide hundreds of worksheets that illustrate the depth of Mathcad's mathematical power and the variety of applications that Mathcad supports. All of these worksheets are live, so as you read the Tutorials or QuickSheets you can watch Mathcad at work, change the inputs, and see the results in the outputs as they update. A new Solving and Optimization E-book is now available with Mathcad 14.0. (English only)

Migration Guide

In addition to the traditional Help and Resources, Mathcad 14.0 documentation offers an important resource for experienced users. The Migration Guide discusses math constructs that have been upgraded in recent versions and any incompatibilities those may create with older versions of Mathcad. This enables customers to quickly get up to speed on the latest version of Mathcad and leverage their existing intellectual property.

Mathcad Calculation Server Enhancements
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