Creo Elements/Direct Design Productivity Package

Cut the frequency of ECOs and their lead times

Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) allows you to immediately realize the proven performance of PTC’s industry-leading design solutions today while putting you on the path to achieve break-through productivity gains with Creo.

The Creo Elements/Direct Design Productivity Package extends the 3D CAD power of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling by giving you a complete set of our popular design, validation, and simulation tools, in a single, integrated package, Includes: Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Design, Creo Elements/Direct Cabling, Creo Elements/Direct Finite Element Analysis, Creo Elements/Direct Part Library, Creo Elements/Direct Sheet Metal, and Creo Elements/Direct Surfacing.

With this powerful, fully integrated package, you can drive new 3D CAD design initiatives that not only cut the frequency and lead times of engineering change orders, but also improve your overall product development processes.


  • Get powerful design, validation and simulation tools in a single, affordable, integrated package
  • Reduce the frequency and time spent on ECOs resulting from error-related rework
  • Increase the quality and refinement of new and revised product designs by incorporating simulation and design validation as part of your development process
  • Perform digital prototyping to eliminate the cost of extra physical prototypes, while speeding development
  • Find failure-prone areas within a product and resolve issues early, boosting design quality and saving costs and time
  • Find the optimal design faster and avoid both failure-prone and over-engineered components
  • Build prototypes, including 3D parts, assemblies, sheet metal components, standard or supplier parts, and cable harnessing
  • Creatae robust products faster by eliminating physical prototypes, while streamlining partner collaboration and minimizing product costs

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