What’s New with Arbortext

Arbortext 6.0 offers enhanced support for DITA 1.2, a new software licensing tool, highly configurable layouts and the introduction of publishing rules!

Arbortext offers significant updates and enhancements to Editor, Styler and the Publishing Engine. This release demonstrates PTC’s continued commitment to supporting DITA.

For additional information on "What’s New" with Arbortext software for S1000D, please click here.

Here is a high level overview of all of the updates you can look forward to in Arbortext 6.0:

Arbortext Editor 6.0: Arbortext Styler 6.0: Arbortext Publishing Engine 6.0: Updated support for Documentum WDK: FlexNet Publisher v10.8 Licensing

New licenses for all of the Arbortext 6.0 products will be managed with FlexNet licensing. This is the same licensing utility used today with Arbortext IsoDraw and other PTC products and will allow users more flexibility with their software licensing configurations. This provides a single consistent licensing utility and process across PTC. With FlexNet, software licenses will now be available for use by any machine on a network. In addition, when disconnected from a network, Arbortext users will be able to utilize the new “license borrowing” feature.

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