What’s New With Arbortext for S1000D

Arbortext for S1000D 4.4 offers new integrations with Windchill PDMLink, product usability improvements and a workflow API.

Arbortext for S1000D 4.4, scheduled for release in March 2011, offers several product usability improvements including the ability to produce a parts list using Windchill BOM data, Windchill-driven compilation, a new workflow API for integration with PLM workflows, and additional compliancy with the S1000D and S2000M standards. Here is a high level overview of all of the updates you can look forward to in Arbortext for S1000D 4.4:

Arbortext for S1000D and Windchill-driven compilation for Parts Lists

The new Windchill-driven compilation capability in Arbortext Parts Catalog Manager & Arbortext Provisioning Manager software allows users to select parts directly from Windchill design or manufacturing data and repurpose that information for use in either an S1000D parts list or an S2000M deliverable. Additionally, by creating a link between the design source and a parts list, customers can very quickly determine the impact of a design change on the associated publications by using the new design change impact report. This capability will improve the accuracy and reduce the time for planning and updating technical information.

Key features:

Capability to interrogate product hierarchy within Windchill Instant recognition of product design changes Show differences between the assembly in Windchill and corresponding parts list Impact report showing design changes on publication objects

Deliver workflow API for integration with PLM workflows

In the 4.4 release, any workflow engine capable of calling an API can be used to control a data module’s status and there are features in the API aimed at getting information from the CSDB for status reporting to help track the progress of technical information development.

Improve compliancy with S1000D / S2000M standard

Improve Usability

Enhance Functionality

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