PTC Windchill QMS

Global Quality Management Software

In regulated industries, such as life sciences, manufacturers must satisfy extensive reporting and compliance requirements, which are constantly changing and evolving. As a result, collecting, interpreting, and sharing related quality information can reduce your company’s flexibility and slow down your operations.

PTC Windchill QMS is a comprehensive Global Quality Management solution that enables you to manage Quality information across the entire enterprise, spanning complete product life cycles, from pre-clinical information to post market activities. PTC Windchill QMS software offers a low total cost of ownership and makes it easy to expand as your needs change.

Features & Benefits

  • Accessible - manage Quality data from any location in the world, using just a Web browser
  • Powerful - PTC Windchill QMS Reporting provides a simple, intuitive user interface, which puts the power of querying data into the hands of those that know your data the best
  • Configurable - modular architecture, configurable workflows, control of security zones, formatting to the field level, and user-controllable query tools let you design and adapt the system to your environment
  • Integral – As an integral PTC Windchill application, PTC Windchill QMS utilizes the powerful change management capabilities of PTC Windchill and can cross-reference any CAPA action with the product BOM
  • Global - full language localization allows you to use PTC Windchill QMS globally, without the need for system validation every time you add a new language
  • Cost-Effective - purchase only the modules you need to reduce initial costs. The use of standard components in the system architecture further reduces validation time

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