Product Analytics

Optimize product performance across multiple dimensions

To compete in today’s rapidly evolving global environment, manufacturers must contend with an ever-increasing number of product performance requirements, such as cost, weight, reliability and environmental impact, as well as new government regulations and shrinking delivery timeframes.

Keeping up with frequent changes in product designs, regulations, suppliers and costs, while ensuring that targets are met, is an enormous data management challenge. Even the smallest change can affect your product in a major way. Not keeping up means missed targets, rework, recalls and blocked sales, which can quickly impact your bottom line.

Product Analytics – formerly InSight – is a suite of component and bill-of-material analysis solutions that empower users to assess product compliance, performance and risk, beginning early in the innovation process and continuing throughout the product lifecycle. These solutions complement your existing design and supply chain management data management systems and make product performance analytics an integral part of your product development process.

By analyzing performance in the earliest phases of product development, where decisions have the most impact and are least disruptive, you can bring better-performing, more profitable products to market faster.

Features & Benefits

  • Track regulations and product performance requirements relevant to the markets served
  • Systematically collect and validate required data, then monitor data quality to assess risk
  • Improve product design decisions by providing product performance analytics early in the innovation process and integrating with PLM and ERP processes
  • Quickly understand the impact of product changes across multiple product performance dimensions, using trade-off and what-if analysis throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Maintain management focus on the most critical performance targets, using reports that show accurate pass/fail status of products