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Within today’s highly competitive, geographically dispersed design and manufacturing environments, effectively managing product content has never been more important. The consequences of using outdated versions, losing files or failing to properly incorporate engineering changes can be severe, resulting in revenue and profitability declines as well as market share erosion.

PTC Windchill can help your organization meet these product-related challenges.  Watch What is PTC Windchill video.

Manage CAD Models New to PTC Windchill: Manage CAD Models

PTC Windchill centrally manages models created with PTC Creo as well as all major CAD applications. If you want to change a model, you first need to “check out” the model from PTC Windchill to ensure that only one user at a time can make design changes. This prevents the confusion that results when multiple changes, some of which can be contradictory to one another, are made simultaneously. Learn more

One Location for all Product Information New to PTC Windchill: One Location for all Product Information

PTC Windchill is the central repository for all product information. As such, there is a “single source of truth” for all product-related content such as CAD models, documents, technical illustrations, embedded software, calculations and requirement specifications. PTC Windchill also remembers the entire history for every piece of content as well as the relationships between content. And, search tools within PTC Windchill to help you quickly find the information you need. Learn more

Configuration Management New to PTC Windchill: Configuration Management

 Any particular part in PTC Windchill can be reused across numerous product structures; the original part definition is automatically referenced within other product structures. As such, when you make a change to a part in PTC Windchill, the updated information automatically appears in any product that uses that part. By reusing existing content, this type of “building block” design saves a great deal of time and enhances overall efficiency. Learn more

Change Management New to PTC Windchill: Change Management

PTC Windchill offers organizations comprehensive change management that builds upon the CAD management capabilities that everyone is already using. It is ideally suited for today’s complex manufacturing environment — one in which stakeholders tasked with approval responsibilities are often scattered around the globe. PTC Windchill makes sure that every required approval has happened and then prescribes an appropriate course of action (e.g., if the change is approved, automatically generate a change notice). Learn more

Project ExecutionNew to PTC Windchill: Project Execution

PTC Windchill lets you define and manage all the different tasks within a project. PTC Windchill determines which tasks are interrelated, which can be done in parallel and those that must be done sequentially. It connects tasks with relevant content that's already stored in the central repository. For example, if a given task necessitates approval of a requirements document, a link is established between the two — so when an individual is assigned a task, they simultaneously have access to the document. Learn more

Global Collaboration New to PTC Windchill: Global Collaboration

In serving as a collaboration platform for today’s geographically dispersed organizations, PTC Windchill streamlines the exchange of files — large and small. It provides a centralized location in which all stakeholders — including external groups, such as partners, vendors and customers — can share content like designs and other critical information. Furthermore, you can securely control the content each participant sees and accesses. Learn more

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