PTC Windchill Gateway for FORAN

Combines the Power and Benefits of PTC Windchill with the FORAN Design Environment

The PTC Windchill Gateway for FORAN offers a powerful solution to help shipbuilders address their unique challenges in a distributed design engineering environment.

Jointly designed and developed by PTC and Sener Marine, the developer of FORAN, the PTC Windchill Gateway for FORAN allows shipbuilding designers to reliably and easily synchronizes their FORAN FBUILDS structures, 3D graphics and attributes with PTC Windchill; thus allowing the sharing of a single, synchronized, graphical view of the ship functional and build structures.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports the lifecycle management of FORAN Documents in PTC Windchill including FORAN Data files, FORAN Drawings and FORAN Schematics
  • Bi-directional exchange of FORAN Product information
  • Improves collaboration by integrating the FORAN design environment with the wider enterprise in terms of business processes and procedures
  • Improve data quality by providing all relevant groups with accurate, up-to-date, relevant product content information that’s held in a single location
  • Increase enterprise efficiency by enforcing standard design processes across multiple design projects and organizations
  • Shipbuilding Templates allow for additional visualization capabilities and leveraging of Shipbuilding Part Types