Warranty and Service Contracts

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Automate End-to-End Warranty Chain

Warranty and service contract chain automation defines, manages and analyzes all warranty processes from initial product registration through the end of the standard or extended warranty period. PTC’s unique approach to warranty and service lifecycle management leverages a product-centric data model to manage warranty information and capture service history in the context of the product itself — allowing this important data to provide feedback to the enterprise for continuous product and service improvement.


PTC Servigistics Warranty and Contract Planning provides a single information source for standardizing business rules, sharing common service data and collaborating across all stakeholders including the original manufacturer, suppliers, service centers and end-user customers.

PTC Servigistics Warranty Claims enables online claims entry, uploading of claims from service systems, and automatic validation and processing of claims based on warranty and contract business rules, as well as equipment history.

PTC Servigistics Warranty Returns provides the ability to set up return requests, automatically determine when parts need to be returned, generate return material authorizations (RMAs) and track parts returns.

PTC Servigistics Supplier Recovery helps manufacturers to increase recovery percentage from suppliers while streamlining the claim-sharing process and quality analysis.

PTC Servigistics Warranty Processing, Registration and Access enables web-based warranty registration for product owners and online self-service access for end-customers and service partners to provide registration information specific to the products.

PTC Servigistics Warranty Access provides online access for the global service network and internal business users to view and participate in active warranty workflows.

PTC Servigistics Service Contracts streamlines pricing, quoting, administration and profitability analysis of extended warranty, maintenance and service contracts.

PTC Servigistics Warranty Analytics capture and analyze warranty and service outcomes in context of product configuration to identify causes of any warranty, service and quality issues.