Standardizing Engineering Calculations in a Product Development System

How to capture, document and reuse engineering calculations within a team, department, and/or company

With increasing design complexity, it is crucial to document and capture key analyses used to determine which, how, and why design decisions were made.

While successful product development companies effectively capture and protect their intellectual property (IP), the analyses that support and validate those products and services are often stored on personal hard-drives, thumb drives, and lab notebooks. As a result, engineers often end up repeating analyses and other work previously done by others, or even need to recreate their own work.

Download this white paper to learn about standardizing engineering calculations in manageable phases that incrementally improve the capture and reuse of your engineering calculations

Highlights of this whitepaper:

  • The whitepaper uses a maturity model for standardizing engineering calculations within a group, department, and/or company.
  • Through use cases that depict everyday engineering challenges, this whitepaper helps you identify your level in the maturity model.
  • Each use case represents a level of in the maturity model and demonstrates best practices to move to the next level.