Information Technology

PTC Integrity for Electronics and High-Tech

Mobile device and other electronics and high-tech manufacturers strive to be on the cutting edge, constantly delivering new and innovative products. In order to succeed and thrive in this highly competitive industry, these organizations need to be able to tackle sometimes extremely technically complex challenges as quickly and efficiently as possible, while fostering innovation and creativity.

Electronics and high-tech organizations are rapidly shifting from relying on hardware to relying on software for the innovations that differentiate their products in the market. However, this shift has presented a number of challenges, including:

  • Managing development costs as applications become more and more complex
  • Delivering software releases predictably, on time and of expected quality
  • Collaborating across dynamic, global teams
  • Compliance to standards such as TL9000
  • Leveraging the potential of Software Product Lines (SPL) to reduce costs and cycle times when expanding their product lines and market
  • Adopting Agile methods across potentially hundreds of people while preserving product- and project-management visibility and demonstrating compliance to standards
PTC Integrity is a single, enterprise product that delivers:

  • Market-leading enterprise requirements management for systems, software and hardware
  • Process-driven software change and configuration management
  • Comprehensive test management for all engineering disciplines
  • System model management that harmonizes simulation and modeling with lifecycle processes

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