PTC Creo View Interference Analysis

Detect, analyze and correct errors early in the product development process

Discovering design errors early in the product development process is a fundamental requirement of any manufacturing company. While detecting clashes or interferences between components has previously been time-consuming and resource-intensive, the alternative of not doing so is worse.

PTC Creo View Interference Analysis helps you find, understand and correct interference issues effectively and efficiently earlier in the development process, thus improving design quality, reducing costs, and accelerating time-to-market.

Features & Benefits

  • Check for different types of interferences such as physically interfering parts, parts that are in contact or parts that have a required clearance from each other
  • Conduct interference tests between groups of parts (such as HVAC vs. electrical parts) as well as automatically compute and display the interference volume.
  • Enable the automatic population and creation of component and assembly groupings on the basis of meta-data or product structure hierarchy for maximum flexibility
  • Analyze, compare, report and store interference results easily
  • Lower overhead costs by viewing and analyzing product designs without requiring CAD licenses
  • Improve product confidence and quality