PTC Creo View Animator

High performance animation of digital mockups

To fully evaluate a design, engineers often need to understand the assembled products movement and operation. With the ability to create interactive animations of a digital mockup, engineers can view functional simulations of their product, allowing them to gain greater insight into their designs.

PTC Creo View Animator provides the ability to easily develop and deploy animations without the need for CAD tools or special skills. By being about to validate a product design early in the development lifecycle, PTC Creo View Animator can help reduce design cycles and design time while improving product confidence and time-to-market.

Features & Benefits

  • Animate a single part, groups of parts or large assemblies
  • Observe product designs from various perspectives, reducing the need for expensive prototypes.
  • Capture assembly motion instantly to create assembly sequences, dis-assembly sequences or maintenance operations
  • Turn around product design changes faster and shorten development cycles by evaluating functional aspects of the design
  • Manage/deploy animations within Windchill
  • Import PTC Creo design software animations to utilize previously built simulations