PTC Creo Reverse Engineering Extension

Capture existing designs

PTC Creo Reverse Engineering Extension allows the transformation of existing physical products into digital models. Its suite of automation capabilities and the ability to impose dramatic design changes improve product customization and increase design reuse opportunities. Fast and powerful, PTC Creo Reverse Engineering Extension enables productive reuse of existing intellectual property.

Features & Benefits

  • Create exact virtual replicas of existing physical products
  • Increase your company’s ability to reuse existing designs and capitalize on discontinued or hard-to-find designs
  • Refine point clouds and quickly fill in gaps, generating precise surfaces automatically from scanned point cloud data
  • Simplify the workflow, and minimize the learning curve, by using the same CAD program you use to design your products to also reverse engineer a product
  • Respond to market needs more effectively by enabling efficient mass customization from a single design