PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension

Automate 3D Pipe and Cable Routing 

PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX) software automates routed systems design. It provides support across manufacturing industries and types of piping and cabling systems. By making electrical and fluid design a more integral part of the detailed design process, it streamlines and accelerates all aspects of product development. Whether your product designs feature complex cabling or harnessing systems, hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, high and low pressure tubing, copper work or large bore pipes, PTC Creo PCX helps minimize errors and improve efficiency. 

For more information on the complete 2D schematic capabilities in PTC Creo, please visit the PTC Creo Schematics product page.

For engineers who need to document the manufacturing of piping and cabling systems, please visit the PTC Creo Harness Manufacturing Extension page.

Features & Benefits

  • Full routing capabilities, including automated ribbon cabling and specification-driven design and auto-routing, speeds design and adheres to design rules and schematic logic 
  • Includes a customizable library of standard fittings and connectors that fosters design speed and re-use
  • Manufacturability and interference checking eliminate the need for physical prototypes
  • Associative harness manufacturing capabilities include automatic development of flat patterns
  • Accurate documentation of isometric drawings, bend tables, nail board drawing, associative wire lengths, bills of material — enables cost-effective manufacturing